Sandra is an American writer based in Vienna, Austria. She specializes in stories about non-traditional entrepreneurs, social advocates, artists, scientists, and other big thinkers. She also runs Writing Roughshod, a blog dedicated to female travelers from the early 20th Century.  When not working for corporate clients, she travels and writes fiction.


Recent projects

  • Assistant editor on The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It, available now.
  • Copywriter for the Wisconsin Alumni Park, coming soon.

Sample projects

  • Magazine/web copy clips: entrepreneurship, science and technology, international affairs, social advocacy“artful hacking”
  • Oversaw the production of a corporate gift proposal for the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association. Wrote all of the content and coordinated illustrations and graphic design with freelance artists. The book contributed to a successful pitch and set the standard for subsequent similar projects. View the book.
  • Edited an issue of Badger Insider magazine from start to finish. Coordinated content, art, and print production. View the issue.
  • Co-developed an e-newletter aimed at state legislators and community opinion leaders. View the first issue. View the newsletter.
  • Led a campus-wide effort at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to produce 50+ stories that illustrated the university’s impact across the state Wisconsin. Read a selection of stories.


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